XML Convert

XML Convert 2.2 makes it easy to transform flat files into XML and vice versa. XML Convert supports a wide variety of legacy data formats, including the following:

  • Fixed-length fields and records
  • Delimited fields and records
  • Comma separated values (CSV)
  • Multiple record types
  • Nested groups of records
  • Semi-structured data, such as reports, news feeds, etc.
  • Many others

Here are some other reasons why developers worldwide choose XML Convert:

  • Conversion is schema-driven; no programming required
  • Handles control characters and non-printable characters
  • Handles very large flat files
  • Runs on any computer that has a Java Virtual Machine (1.1.7 or higher)
  • Includes Windows executables for ease of use on a PC
  • User documentation is thorough and easy to understand
  • Error messages are detailed and helpful

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